Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes


Drug arrests can result in lengthy jail sentences. There are several strategies available to fighting these cases.  As a former police officer I can readily spot the issues arising in your case and defend you accordingly. Don't just randomly google attorneys near me and pick anyone. Research and choose carefully when looking for attorneys in Jackson, TN. Your life depends on it!

DUI Arrests


How do I beat a DUI? This is the most common question I get in this line of work. The truth is there is no one secret to beating a DUI. I rely on my prior law enforcement experience and subsequent training on defending DUI cases to carefully analyze each DUI case. I've had success ranging from proving field sobriety tests unreliable to showing blood was improperly drawn. Contact me today and schedule a free consultation of your DUI  case.

Probation/Parole Violations


These technical violations can be difficult to defend. It's as if your doing the right thing then they hit you with every detail of each mistake you've made while under these conditions. I can defend you  against these violations. 

Sex Offender Registry Violations/ Removal from Registry


The sex offender registry basically labels a person as the worst in our society and sometimes for their entire life. The rules for compliance are vague and  government agents seem to take joy each time someone is charged with these violations. If you've been found to have violated the registry or would like a consultation about the possibility of being removed from the registry contact me today.

Domestic Assault


Sometimes heated arguments can go too far. Police officers on the seen of a domestic dispute have minutes to resolve problems and they can often come to the wrong conclusion. It's important to evaluate every aspect of a domestic assault arrest because the outcome can have life-long implications.