Family Law


Divorce lawyers in Jackson, TN

There are several divorce lawyers in the Jackson and west TN area to choose from. When deciding which attorney is right for you it's important to hire one that will fight for you and isn't easily intimidated.  I can help you navigate through these difficult times and will fight for the outcome you desire.

Child Custody


Often disagreements arise over the custody of children. It can be a major ordeal or as simple as an adjustment to a parenting plan. No matter the size of you child custody problem, I can help you resolve the issue and arrive at the "best interest" of the involved child/children. 



Adoption is a sacred process. I had the good fortune of adopting my youngest daughter. I remind her regularly how special she is because she was chosen. An idea taken from a dear friend we have two holidays that we celebrate with my daughter. We have her birthday and we also have her "gotcha day", the day her adoption was finalized. I'd love to help you establish your "gotcha day" with your special child.