VA Compensation

North of Mosul, Iraq

VA Certified Disability Attorney | VA Accredited Veterans Benefits Lawyer

I’m not just an advocate for veterans, I am a veteran. I suffered a debilitating neck injury that resulted in some upper body paralysis while deployed to Iraq. I've stayed on hold for hours trying to talk to the VA. I’ve waited the lines and been yelled at by the entitled federal employees. I know the struggle dealing with this bureaucracy.

VA Disability Compensation Claims

I can assist you in filing an initial claim free of charge. This is the most important step in the claims process. The initial filing should be thorough and accurate to assure a proper decision by the VA.

Disagreement with the VA

I can help in this process whether it be a request for reconsideration or an appeal of a claim denial. Claims can be denied for several reasons. Some claims are denied due to an under developed medical record other's may be an outright error of the Veteran's Administration, either way I can help you try and achieve the  best result from your compensation claim.

VA Compensation Rates

FY 2019 Compensation Rates